Lani Nalu: Love Series
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Previously only available in Lani's highest coaching program, the Love Series includes Lani's personal rituals that keep her connected and grounded

These are my most powerful tools and they will change your life...
This series is the most simple and powerful framework to get out of your head and into your energy you will ever experience.

These exercises are short and will perfectly fit into your busy schedule. As over achievers and perfectionists we always over complicate which makes the stress and anxiety worse.

I got your back sis because I was you.

Commit to your mental health and show up and your positive attitude, 

Bad Ass energy, and new found clarity will blow your own damn mind immediately.

We're about to take you to the next level.

Whats included?

Heartbeat Meditation

This short meditation instantly snaps you out of ego and worry and connects you straight back to your heart energy. It's the most powerful step you can take to strengthen your mental health. 

You'll create clarity, peace and flow energy instantly. You'll feel calm, focused, and energised to be a confident leader.

I recommend no phone first thing in the morning and instead starting with one of these exercises to get your mind focused on what you do want, and what you can do to move forward toward the woman you are becoming.

Breathing Meditation

Your breath is your ally. This practice dates back to ancient India and the origins of yoga, said to be around 6th centuries BC.

It's also women's most underused super powers.

Focusing on your breath creates an anchor into the present moment. This alleviates stress, anxiety, and body pain.

It's detoxifying so it strengthens your immune system and immediately boosts your mental focus and physical energy levels.

I recommend doing this daily. I start and end my day with this practice.

Unleash Your Feminine Fiery Sexual Energy

We are creating pure feminine fire in this practice. Be in a place you can use your voice and dance freely.
I want belly breaths. Full inhale, do not fully exhale.

These deep breaths are healing, cleansing, and keep your immune system strong AF.
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