Learn how to...
Unleash Your Full Power in your Career AND Personal Life & Relationships
Only US$ 97 - Full Access to 8 amazing, life changing workshops
These are recorded workshops from Lani's Live Virtual Event
Calling all Bad Ass Career Women who are ready to trade burn out for FUN!
If you've tried Tony Robbins, read books, done courses yet you still struggle with feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and guilty and you're ready to learn how to finally get out of your own head and leverage your positive feminine energy...this is for you!

My one of a kind LN - 5 Method is exactly what got me from feeling drained, tired, and stressed to THRIVING.

From feeling pressure to "have to do" things in my life I used to enjoy like working out, making love, and talking to clients to...

Streamlining my energy, having so much fun again, and most importantly getting out of my own head regaining control over my mindset.

When I woke up happy and full of energy it positively affected all my relationships.

This gave me a sonic boom confidence boost.

Do you think when I got my confidence from Eeyore to Wonder Woman I made more money or less money?

Do you think I had more energy or less energy?

Of course it positively affected everything in my life.
Whats included?
Includes full access to 8 workshops by Lani and the Lani Nalu Team...
  • ​How To Leverage Your Energy (59.09 mins) with Lani 
  • ​How To Let The Past Go  (54.48 mins) with Lani
  • ​Trust Your Intuition (54.58 mins) with Rebecca
  • ​Unleash Your Feminine Energy (95.12 mins) with Lani
  • How To Use Your Gifts For The Greater Good​ (56.20 mins) with Emily
  • ​The Secret Sauce is CHANGING YOUR BELIEFS (62.31 mins) with Lani
  • ​Confident Women Hear Things Differently (51.02 mins) with Lani
  • ​Using The Masculine As A Tool (84.00 mins) with Lani
Get full access to all 8 workshops for only $97
What the live attendees said about the workshop...
In these workshops you will learn how to...
  • Stop putting more on your plate and getting nowhere so you can leave the anxiety and stress behind and finally wake up excited
  • No longer spin your perfectionist wheels, no more worrying yourself sick so you can finally get out of your head and appreciate your loved ones
  • Stop getting trapped in your negative thinking, stop the anxiety and burn out and learn how to leverage your energy
We will teach you HOW TO...
  • Trade guilt for ease which means no more picking on yourself for not being perfect, no more feeling guilty about the past... this changes everything!
  • Save time by not overthinking day to day things by learning how to make decisions like a Bad Ass Boss
  • Get your confidence to Wonder Woman Levels which positively affects your energy, sex drive, clarity, and mental health & relationships
  • ​Bring the most fun version of you back to life so your relationships stop suffering and start thriving by learning how to be present and unleashing your full Feminine power.

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Feminine Power...
I created The LN - 5 Method because all my mentors that had what I wanted were men. 

They taught men's successful career framework.

My female spiritual teachers had a really low wealth mindset, and my female business coaches had no feminine energy.

Running the business and my personal life in my masculine led to burnout every freaking time. I was desperate for a new opportunity.

We were making $20,000 a month and I was not having fun. I was stressed, annoyed, tired and I felt like I lost my excitement for life.

Until I birthed a framework that taught successful, motivated, driven women how to access their infinite feminine energy from The Source itself...

Which is the only antidote to failure.

Up until this point the only option we've had is to be successful in the masculine.

I'm offering you a new opportunity that has 5x'd our business, streamlined my energy, taken my creativity to the next level, unleashed my Purpose driven Impact on this World, and positively impacted my dearest relationships.

I went from Eeyore to Wonder Woman!

These workshops will be a game changer in how you live your life and it will be the most impactful learning how to truly access your energy and excitement.

Meet Your Coaches For This Life Changing Event!


Lani is here to support you in rising to the highest version of yourself. She is living proof you can come back from anything.

Today she dedicates her life to teaching Bad Ass Career women how to have it all by unleashing their true Feminine power.

Lani's vision is that women rise up financially and spiritually to change this World and make the impact they were born to make.

Lani's unique framework is based on letting your wild woman rip, being 100% yourself, and having fun. 

Coach Emily

Coach Emily is a momma who’s overcome things you can’t even imagine. 

Emily has been working with us since 2018! 

She’s an expert at reprogramming dog shit beliefs into Wonder Woman Energy.

Emily is an incredible leader, amazing business woman, and her commitment to helping others is mind blowing.

Coach Rebecca

Coach Rebecca is an expert at calling women up to their full potential.

She has overcome burnout and perfectionism herself and is so pumped to support you to do the same.

Rebecca got her start in social work, she’s Yoga certified, and her super power is positive energy.

Now is the time for you to decide.

Do you want to stay stuck in the same hamster wheel of stress and anxiety about how to create a balanced, happy life? How about this instead… 

Meet with us from the comfort of your own home and discover exactly how to pivot THIS year into YOUR year!

If you’re ready to embrace the most fun version of you and start living and step in to your feminine power...

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